Dennis Schrader Photography
Serving the Greater Sacramento area

Prints For Sale

A collection of images I have made from all over. From rare exotic cars to beautiful landscapes and still life.


Canvas Wrap Prints

DS Photo wants to be your go to source for high quality wall art and prints. We specialize in Automotive, Still Life & Travel Landscape images.

My Galleries

   Click on the images below to see all that we offer. In the Automotive section you will find vintage and modern racecar images, supercars and classic. Our Wall Art section consists of images from around the world and still life images perfect for most living spaces or business decor.

Automotive Prints

   In this collection you will find everything from a vintage 1939 Auto Union racecar to a modern 2017 Ford GT supercar. 

Wall Art Prints

   In this collection you will find many images from our travels. Some from overseas and abroad. Also some still life style images capturing details normally missed.

   Our prints are made to order and take 3-4 days to produce. They ship directly to you from our print lab. We use the best quality canvas and UV resistant inks for a durable long lasting product.

   If you are looking to add some color to a living space, creating that perfect Man Cave or remodeling you business, let us help you out!